Why do you need Business Intelligence Software?

Get useful information from your data

Get fast answers to your questions

Access your data from anywhere anytime

Easily create reports and analyze your data

  • Dashboard

    Show your data and analysis in easily designed dashboards. Design your own dashboard with dashboard designer and show your data in charts, tables or interactive maps. Share your dashboard, print it or export it to any other form suitable for further analysis.

  • Pivot Grid

    Show and analyse your data in pivot grids simply by drag and drop system. Save created layout to check for updates later or share it with your coworkers. Analyze your data by grouping, summarizing, filtering, data formatting or sorting.

  • Data presentation

    Show your analysis in charts. Choose among many different chart types, such as pie, line, bar, stack bar and many other. Select data presented in the chart simply by marking certain data in the pivot grid.

  • Report designer

    Design reports by inserting text and data easily with build-in report designer. Save time and energy by designing general reports with automatic data updates for selected period.